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Out Olive Women's T-Shirt. The ten ways to get out in the game of cricket: bowled, caught, handled the ball, hit the... HOVER OVER IMAGE ABOVE OR CLICK BELOW TO ZOOM
Our olive women's t-shirts are all high quality, heavyweight (190 g/mē) and 96% cotton/4% elastane mix. They have a flattering modern cut and a contemporary sleeve length. Elastane assists shape retention. Twin-needle stitch detail
Size: Details: Height: Width: Weight:
Size 8 (S) To fit size 8 approximately 22" - 56cm 14" - 35cm 140g
Size 10 (M) To fit size 10 approximately 23" - 58cm 16" - 40cm 160g
Size 12 (L) To fit size 12 approxately 24" - 61cm 17" - 43cm 170g
Size 14 (XL) To fit size 14 approximately 25" - 63cm 18" - 46cm 180g
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Out Olive Women's T-Shirt: The ten ways to get out in the game of cricket: bowled, caught, handled the ball, hit the ball twice, hit wicket, leg before wicket, obstructing the field, run out, stumped and timed out. See you back at the pavilion.

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